Autumn (weirdo_jr) wrote in emo_girls_r_us,

I never know quite how to start a community.

I have been looking for a comminity for girls where you can just post randomly. I wanted one where the girls are supportive. I could only find one but my rambles are to much for just one community! So I started this.

I mine as well start with a introduction.

My name is Autumn and I am 15 years old. I live in new england and attend highschool. I wrote a book earlier this year and it is in the editing process. I hate talking about my book because I know hardly anyone takes me seriously. Well except my english teacher who made up a manuscript and sent it to a friend.

I have alot of siblings which also means alt of nieces and newphews. My dad left when I was 13 and I haven't been on good speaking terms with him since. Though recently we have made an attempt at a relationship.

Thats enough about me.

Please post and be relaxed. Don't hold back. No one is going to judge anyone here. If they do i'll have to kick some butt. ;)
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