Autumn (weirdo_jr) wrote in emo_girls_r_us,

I write so much better in poem:

Have you ever noticed
when life is so perfect
the inperfections stand out?
they are bolder
Reach us deeper in
grab ahold of our gut
and tear at us
thats what life is
thats what love is
I have never claimed to be inlove
though I hear the view from over there
is somthing to talk about
everything is grander
but life always looks greener
from the other side
just like we notice our own weakness's
before we notice the enemy
Just as everything is perfect in the past
Is it because its over?
Or is it because its just beggining?
I wish I had answers for my muses
I wish I had love to put in my words
Though maby you see write through me
Am I transparent?
Tell me what I think
Who knows, maby my life will look better
from the otherside
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