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Who ever said the world was pretty?

who ever said this was right?

Emo Girls
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This community is for:
-Short storys
-To post about your day
-ask for advice
-To give advice
-Support with your problems


-No flaming
-No insults
-You mus respect other members
-Please us a LJ-cut when appropriet
-Do no spam
-Do not advertise your community here. The post will be deleted and you will be banned.
-Have fun <3
11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3 days grace, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, alex sanchez, art, autumn, bi, bisexual, boy meets boy, cobain, d/h, dancing in the rain, dangerous angels, daria, daydreaming, dear diary, death, delerium, delirious stars, depression, doll parts, draco/harry, dressing up, dried out flowers, early morning, eerie queerie, empathy, empowerment, escapism, eternal sunshine, extreme-hogwarts, faerie dust, faerie wings, faeries, fairy tales, fake, feeling better, fiona apple, fire, forget-me-nots, francesca lia block, freedom, fruit tree blossoms, gay, ghost world, girl interrupted, girl love warriors, goddesses, grey skies, harry potter, harry/draco, hc, hiding from the world, hogwarts castle, hogwarts-castle, homo, illusions, imagery, imagination, individuality, insomnia, inspiration, intelligence, introspection, jack off jill, lick the star, little women, lost and delirious, love letters, lux lisbon, magic beans, magic wands, making friends, mental illness, michelle tea, midnight, mirrors, misery, mixtapes, moments of peace, my ruin, nonconformity, nostalgia, orchids, outcasts, p.j. harvey, pain, passion, perfection, photographs, poetry, princesses, purple, rain, rainbows, rainy days, ranma 1/2, rasputina, reading, record of lodoss war, riot grrls, rose petals, rose red, rose white, rust and stardust, screaming at the world, seashells, secrecy, secret gardens, secrets, self-expression, self-mutilation, self-reflection, shyness, sleater-kinney, solitude, stargirl, staring at the sky, suicide, surrealism, switchblade symphony, sylvia plath, t.a.t.u., tea parties, tears, the bell jar, the virgin suicides, the worst witch, through the looking-glass, tinkerbell, tori amos, train journeys, vanity, vintage, violet and claire, wallflowers, wandering aimlessly, weetzie bat, whimsy, whispers, wicked witches, wildflowers, windchimes, wishing wells, witch baby, words