Secret (lolamaria) wrote in emo_girls_r_us,

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so powerless

i see you
i feel you
i want you
i cant have you

high from the beauty of your existence,
i refuse to accept reality.
you are this pretty painting
in this highclass gallery.
i cant have you.

thankful that im fine.
im satisfied just by having found you,
and being able to see you for free.
but i have to hide my emotions,
for if you find out...
you might change.

i like you the way you are.
nobody and nothing compares with you.
you are the drug;
i get high just by looking at you.

there is this one person
who looks at you all the time,
acts like you're it's posseession.
i don't know what to do.
stars fall down from heaven!
you are taken.
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