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I wish I had something interesting to say. Maby i'd tell you I just got back from japan. Unfortunatley I live in the country. My dad doesn't like to drive anywhere. Did I mention my main form of entertainment is watching the paint peal? I love life here. I just am not going anywhere, or doing anything interesting for a few years. I'll just post a poem. I'll feel more awake once i'm done. More alive.

who ever said
16 is sweet
a good age
was obviously grown up
he had forgotten what 16 is like
he was old and foolish
we are young and intelligent
16 is salty
it leaves an after taste
in your mouth
a stain on your soul
it deranges you
changes your views
the year 16 is change
you go from child to grown up
a very painful precedure
involving lots of needles
16 is a year with layers
a cake
the base is sweet
and the frosting bitter
who are you?
who am i?
I am changing
slowly changing
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